Place Value Dice Game w/ Worksheet Posted on June 06, 2015 12:00

A fun way to enrich a student’s understanding of place value is to play games that explore how place value works! Here’s a game that’s easy to set up and should help assess students’ understanding of place value.

All you need is: 

  • 3 Dice
  • Flip Cards
  • Digi-Block blocks-of-100
  • Worksheet

Each time you play, you throw the dice, and transfer those numbers to flip cards to help keep track.

Now, you want to explore creating numbers using each die as the place values!

What’s the largest number you can make?

What’s the smallest?

Common Core Topics Covered

2.NBT.A.1 Understand 3 digit Numbers
2.NBT.A.1.A 100 is equal to a bundle of 10 tens
2.NBT.A.1.B 100 is equal to a bundle of 10 tens

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