Digi-Block is a thoughtfully designed base-10 model.

Our blocks are designed to let kids discover math concepts on their own.

Our blocks pack and unpack, meaning there's no trading.

Digi-Block is wonderful for both struggling and advanced students. It is used in over 15,000 classrooms and is loved for how simple it is to use at home.

Our blocks let kids learn math, not memorize it.

Digi-Block’s holders are designed to only close when there are 10 blocks inside. This lets kids focus on problem solving, instead of focusing on memorized rules like trading 10 ones for 1 ten.

This is a Block-of-100

What do you think should be inside? How do you think a kid would figure this out?

Ten Blocks-of-10 of course!

I wonder what's inside each of those Blocks-of-10... Why don't we open it up and find out?

You guessed it! There are ten singles inside!

This is the beauty of our number system. The pattern always repeats. Open one block, and there are 10 smaller ones inside. That's why the shape of each Digi-Block is the same. Only the size changes.

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Let's See This In Action

How about some tricky long division... *Note that the blocks above (all the same color teal) are exactly the same as the blocks in the video, just the color is different. We sell both versions :)