4-Year-Old Does Long Division 4-Year-Old Does Long Division

4-Year-Old Does Long Division

By Raphael Kohlberg

4-Year-Old Does Long Division 4-Year-Old Does Long Division

Watch Molly (a 4-year-old!) independently derive the division algorithm. With Digi-Block, long division becomes intuitive. Molly discovers this arithmetic operation without someone teaching her the steps or telling her what to do.

With Digi-Block, division is tackled in 3 intuitive steps. Click on the step to jump to that point in the video.

Step 1: Build the number in blocks that you want to share.

Step 2: Share the blocks equally into the number of groups you’ve determined.

Step 3: Count how many blocks each group got.



Notation, syntax and instruction get in the way of the learning process. All Molly needs to derive the division algorithm is a simple question from her instructor. Digi-Block creates a hands-on learning experience in which children discover place value and the four arithmetic operations.

Other base 10 blocks require teachers to explicitly outline every step of the process. As a result, these children perform memorized steps rather than thinking critically about how to manipulate quantities. With Digi-Block, you’re challenge as a teacher is not telling your students what to do, but rather, it’s how to tell them as little as possible.

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