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Base Ten Blocks: Digi-Block vs Other Base-10 Blocks Posted on November 08, 2014 12:00

Watch to see how the same subtraction problems are done with Digi-Block and how they’re done with Base-10 blocks. If you’ve ever seen your students make mistakes while trading (with base-10 blocks), you’ll immediately love that there is no trading with Digi-Block!

The design of the manipulative should never get in the way of your child getting the answer. After you watch the 43 - 15 video, be sure to check out the 430 - 150 video. With Digi-Block, you see how these two problems are essentially the same, just shifted a power of ten (it’s like zooming in and out with a camera). With base-10 blocks, this connection is lost and it seems like an entirely new problem.

Here’s the 43 - 15 video:


Here’s the 430 - 150 video:

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