Summer School Gr. 3

$ 36.00

For the critical time between grades 3 and 4, this book contains 21 lessons, pre- and post tests, ongoing assessments, and letters to parents.

The Digi-Block Summer School Program provides a way for students to gain a powerful understanding of the number system. Place value concepts are often difficult to teach; however they are not difficult for students to learn if concrete materials are available for them to explore. Students assigned to summer school, because they have not been successful in mathematics, often have not had enough opportunities using manipulative tools to build an understanding of our number system.

Digi-Block materials give students opportunities to explore our base-ten number system in a visual and physical way. They relate powers of ten to something students can see and touch, making the concepts of base ten meaningful and easy to internalize. Multiple experiences with the blocks over the course of the Summer School Program along with guided instruction give students the time and tools they need to develop their number sense and understanding of place value and operations.

Here is a sample of the book.