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Classroom Kit: Pre-Kindergarten

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Best Teaching Tool for Number Sense. Guaranteed.

Digi-Block is a teacher-tested, hands-on way to teach math, from Pre-K to Gr. 5+, for deep understanding. Watch how the blocks will transform your math classroom!

Even more ways to teach with the Classroom Kit

  • Opportunities for differentiated assessment.

  • Provide multiple approaches and views to build number sense.

  • Less sharing and a more hands-on experience for students.

  • Worksheets and activities to re-enforce topics.

Proven to Boost Test Scores

Before introducing Digi-Block, this top private school's test scores were on the decline. Within the first year of implementation, they started out pacing the average score!

Intervention Success

Not only can Digi-Block instill a profound understanding of number sense, it does it fast. When Boston Public Schools adopted the Digi-Block system for their summer school program the results were shocking. In just 4 weeks, most of the struggling students were finally getting it!

Discover Place Value

Place Value is difficult to teach, but it isn't hard to discover if your students can hold and take apart numbers in their hands. No other manipulative intuitively teaches the four operations through a place value-first approach.

Place Value: Decimals

Extend your students' understanding of the whole number system to decimals with Digi-Block decimal blocks. Many teachers say that students already know how to add and subtract decimals when the blocks first come out!

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