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Classic Block-of-1000

$ 240.00 sku: 040-0122

Place value in the palm of your child's hands. The block-of-1000 comes with 1000 blocks inside!

I want to equip students in grade Calculate

Hands-On. Kinesthetic. Fun.

Allow students to physically compose and decompose numbers! All the blocks come apart and can be packed up again. Designed with little hands in mind!

Discover Place Value

No other math manipulative is as powerful as Digi-Block when in comes to instilling a profound understanding of our number system. Children can literally hold and take apart numbers in their hands.

Power Block-of-100 Animation

Powerfully Teach All 4 Operations

Digi-Block students' math test scores far exceed that of students using the traditional base-10 block. Stop teaching with old tools that are proven not to work. It could be the difference between a C and A.

Never Trade Again

Our "smart box" design ensures the holders can only close when there are 10 blocks inside. This self-correcting feature eliminates the need to recount or trade.

Open Classic Block-of-10

Extend their Thinking

Digi-Block allows you to teach patterns, rather than steps. As students realize that each power of ten acts the same as the next, they are able to powerfully extend small number concepts. Stop teaching the steps over and over again and start empowering your students.

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