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Research Results

The Digi-Block System is thoroughly field tested. Studies show that using Digi-Block can improve your school's math program on three fronts:

Proven to be Significantly Better than Traditional Manipulatives

In order to test the effectiveness of Digi-Block, we conducted a year long study in several 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Classrooms were split into two groups: the Digi-Block Group, and the control group (which used traditional base-10 manipulatives). At the end of the year, both groups were given the same test. The results are shown below. 25% of Digi-Block students scored 100% on the test.

diana howard

Using the Digi-Block System has been the most incredible, fast superhighway to getting children of all skill levels up to grade level"

- Dr. Diana Howard Polaris Program Crofton Elementary Denver, CO

Proven to Drastically Improve Standardized Test Scores

Digi-Block Study increase test scores

After the school adopted the Digi-Block Program, they began greatly outperforming other independent schools on standardized tests.

If I had to keep only one math manipulative in my class, it would be Digi-Block. I’ve seen major breakthroughs in my students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. The same students who said they didn’t like math at the beginning of the year, now exclaim that, ‘math is so much fun!’ ”

- Barb Lauback, Junior Kindergarten Teacher Meadowbrook School, Weston, Massachusetts

Successful Math Inventions in just 4 Weeks!

When Boston Public Schools adopted the Digi-Block system for their summer school program, they were blown away by the results:

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