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Teacher Resources

Below are free lessons and instructional videos to help you get a jump start with Digi-Block.

Name Type
Name Type
Introducing Full Cars Lesson
How to Teach Subtraction | 7 - 4 (1:24 min) Video
678 ÷ 6 (1:45 min) Video
Decimals and the Power of 10 (1:15 min) Video
How to Teach Subtraction: 24-8 (3:05 min) Video
4 x 23 | Learn the Basics of Multiplication with Digi-Block (1:03 min) Video
Multiplying by 10: Why We Can 'Just Add Zero' (3:01 min) Video
Introduction to Digi-Block (5:34 min) Video
Bundles of 10: Introducing Digi-Trains, Crossing Over to Groups of 10 (4:17 min) Video
How Many? Lesson
Counting Trains Lesson
Short and Long Trains Lesson
Train of Tens Lesson
Cover the Cactus Lesson
One-to-One Correspondence w Digi-Block Trains (1:43 min) Video
Two Views of Number: Place Value Mat (1:36 min) Video
Addition: Regrouping in Action (1:36 min) Video
Keep on Counting How Many Lesson
The Meaning of the Equal Sign Lesson
Two Views of Number: Addition on the Place Value Mat (1:21 min) Video
Division (3:05 min) Video
Multiplication (1:57 min) Video
Counting and Comparing: Single Block View: Digi-Block Number Lines (2:17 min) Video
Division: Equal Grouping Model (1:43 min) Video
Make a Match Lesson
Complete the Trains Lesson
Making Connections (2:13 min) Video
The Mat or the Counter? (0:20 min) Video
Train Scoop Lesson
43 + 26 (1:06 min) Video
Growing Cups Lesson
Addition on the Two-Place Counter (2:34 min) Video
Divide by .01 and .1 Lesson
Operations with Decimals (2:39 min) Video
Two Views of Number (0:51 min) Video
Ways to Make Ten Lesson
Packing Up the Train: Making Bundles of 10 Lesson
Setting the Stage: Building Blocks (2:07 min) Video
All Aboard! Lesson
Single-Digit Subtraction Modeled with Trains (3:11 min) Video
Two Ways to Look at a Quantity Lesson
Keep on Counting on Counting Trains of Ten Lesson
Rolling Trains Lesson
Subtraction: Borrowing by Unpacking (2:19 min) Video
One More Passenger Lesson
Cover the Fish Lesson
Seeing Regrouping in Action (1:37 min) Video
Why the Fractional Representation is Equivalent to the Decimal Form (4:20 min) Video
How Many is a Cupful? Lesson

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