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Hands-On. Kinesthetic. Fun.

Allow students to physically compose and decompose numbers! All the blocks come apart and can be packed up again. Designed with little hands in mind!

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An Intuitive Base 10 Block

While place value concepts may be difficult to teach, they are not difficult for children to discover with Digi-Block.

Digi-Block in Action
place value with math manipulative

Invented by Harvard Professor. Designed by IDEO.

Dr. Elon Kohlberg, an accomplished mathematician in Game Theory, made it his mission to design the most intuitive Base-10 block. With the help of the industry's leading design firm, IDEO, Dr. Kohlberg invented Digi-Block.

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Elon Kohlberg: Digi-Block Inventor

Proven to Increase Standardized Test Scores

Struggling schools improved their math scores dramatically after implementing the Digi-Block program. In the first year of implementation, this school improved their average test score by a full letter grade.

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Digi-Block whitepaper: drastically increase standardized test scores
all four arithmetic operations connected

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Beyond

As Digi-Block can depict concepts as rudimentary as counting to topics as advanced as logarithms, it is easy for students to see how each mathematical concept flows into the next. Bring continuity to your curriculum today!

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Digi-Block grade 2 classroom kit

Designed For Pre-K through Gr. 5+

View our classroom kits for every grade level. Each kit comes with books and materials for the entire class.

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Free Lessons and Teacher Resources

The Digi-Block Program has a comprehensive support network for teachers. In addition to the books, we provide free lesson plans, video demonstrations, and blog articles all designed to make teaching while using the blocks a simple and easy process.

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Perfect for Differentiated Instruction and Inclusion

The Digi-Block System can serve a diverse group of learners. Schools use Digi-Block to service the gifted and talented, special needs, English language learners, and the blind.

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