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Best Teaching Tool for

Place Value & Number Sense.

Digi-Block is a teacher-tested, hands-on way to teach math, from Pre-K to Gr. 5+, for deep understanding. Watch how the blocks will transform your math classroom!

Place Value Blocks: How They Work

Our base-10 blocks are based on an elegant nested design. All of the blocks pack into each other, only holding 10 blocks at a time.

Our "smart box" design ensures the holders can only close when there are 10 blocks inside. This self-correcting feature eliminates the need to recount or trade.

Digi-Block-creating bundles of ten

Intervention Success

Not only can Digi-Block instill a profound understanding of number sense, it does it fast. When Boston Public Schools adopted the Digi-Block system for their summer school program the results were shocking. In just 4 weeks, most of the struggling students were finally getting it!

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Digi-Block: get students up to grade level

Place Value: Decimals

Extend your students' understanding of the whole number system to decimals with Digi-Block decimal blocks. Many teachers say that students already know how to add and subtract decimals when the blocks first come out!

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Beyond!

Digi-Block is the only math manipulative with the power to elegantly model all four arithmetic operations through a place value-first approach.

Truly Authentic Assessment

Watching students use the blocks is one of the truest forms of assessment for conceptual understanding. While modeling math problems with the blocks, children can’t rely on memorization or tricks to solve the problem.

teacher with student and Digi-Blocks

Discover Patterns

Digi-Block makes the four operations intuitive to children. Spend less time on How and more on Why.

Teach Without Telling

The following is the traditional written alogrithm for solving subtraction problems.

subtraction written algorithm explained

At Digi-Block, we encourage students to invent their own way! All of our lessons take an inquiry based approach to teaching elementary math.

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Visualize Place Value

place value with math manipulative

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